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Ready to Pour - Grow Kit

Ready to Pour - Grow Kit

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Ready to Pour - Grow Kit, 3lb colonized grain spawn (corn), and 2, 3lb bags of CVG, coco/vermiculite/gypsum/lime.

The contents of the grain bag should be shaken and added to a Monotub with a liner, along with the contents of the 2 Coco bags. Always remember to mix thoroughly and case the top layer with just the contents of the coco bag at the end by about 1/2" to not leave exposed grain/corn on top. 

This can be done by mixing together with gloves on after rubbing down with 70% alcohol. Its recommended to have pre-drilled holes in the monotub, but cover with duct tape or tape to seal the air in the tub. Once fruiting conditions are right(the monotub covered in white mycelium layer and small primordia/pins forming) the monotub can be put into fruiting. At this point the c02 lowers in the environment evaporation occurs and causes pinning. The tub should be viewed daily to make sure there is a glistening sheen of droplets across the surface, if not mist lightly and fan with cover. Keep monotubs in 65-75 degrees. Fanning and misting when needed will help increase fruiting. Video coming soon! practice makes perfect.


Thank you from the DIYMyco Family

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